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Searchable Conrail Freight Schedules

Eastern Railroad News Archive - June 1, 1998

I decided to dig some of the more interesting stuff out of my Eastern Railroad News archive and make it available again. Here, you'll find a collection of detailed Conrail freight schedules from the late 1990s.

Conrail's schedules are more like "guidelines"; in reality the only scheduled trains on Conrail are those of Amtrak. All Conrail trains run as extras. Therefore, they are not exact, and are not guaranteed by Conrail. Conrail Freight Schedules provided here are for the sole enjoyment and usage of the viewer. They may be used in rail-related web sites, newsletters, or magazines; provided proper credit is given.

Train Status Codes:
OR - Originate at terminal/yard
TE - Terminate at terminal/yard
PS - Pass location
PU - Pick Up Cars
SO - Set Off Cars
CU - Cut Off Time for TOFC/COFC Loading (Trailer On Flat Car/Container On Flat Car)
RE - Release Time for TOFC/COFC Train
AR - Arrive location
DP - Depart location