J. Alex Lang

Cadiz Yard, Eastbound

[box style=”rounded”][/box] The sun’s been up for awhile, and it’s hot enough for March – but we’re enjoying the parade of eastbounds passing through the small interchange yard at Cadiz, California along BNSF’s Needles Sub. While I never got to see the “real” Santa Fe in action, it was good enough for me to watch […]

Ash Hill, Westbound

[box style=”rounded”][/box] A bird (hey, I’m a railfan, not an ornithologist!) is perched atop a telegraph pole, while a BNSF crew gives a quick blast of the horn to the signal maintainers standing by in their trucks, as we hear the squeal of 85-foot flatcars hustling Schneider and Hunt trailers to their west coast destination.

Tunnel 2 (Bealville, Calif.)

[box style=”rounded”][/box] Perched atop the hill at Tunnel 2, we witness a meet on the Bealville siding on UP’s Mojave subdivision at milepost 337.8. Note the headlight of the approaching northbound, behind our slow-moving southbound. March 5, 2006.