J. Alex Lang

Conrail Train Symbol Nerdology

CR 6663 SD45-2 on ENG-401 at MO Tower in Cresson, Penn.

This past weekend (Jan 13, 2024) I gave a presentation about Conrail Train Symbols at the Conrail Historical Society‘s 1st Quarterly membership meeting, held at the Power Director’s Office in Harrisburg, PA, maintained by the Harrisburg Chapter, NRHS. The Harrisburg Chapter is a must-visit when in the area, as both the Harris Tower and the PDO are lovingly restored to operating condition, along with computer interfaces that allow the visitor to see the equipment operating in a simulation mode.

Ever since first seeing the Conrail “bible” – the Conrail Freight Schedules binder in 1987 or so – I’d always been fascinated by the logic, the data, the planning, etc. I did a version of this presentation with Ed Kapucinski a couple years ago, that is viewable in the YouTube below.

The PDF of the slide deck is available here.

For scanned copies of the Conrail Freight Schedules, check out Multimodalways.