J. Alex Lang

Model Trains

A couple of weeks ago, Lou Capwell and I spent the weekend with our friend Peter to help him resurrect his HO Model Railroad. While I was in high school (mid-90’s) I did all of the electrical work & control panel for the layout, and was faced with having to recall what the hell I was thinking at the age of 18… To put it in perspective, the controls for this train layout have over 35 toggle switches and 75 feed wires. To my own surprise, I’d found documentation & schematics under the control panel and had (mostly) clearly labeled everything. I guess this was foreshadowing to my career in IT, in some ways (I’m still picky about having documentation on software projects).

While I was all Mister Serious about the layout wiring, Lou did a great job documenting the cleanup work. Peter’s basement had taken on some water in the floods in the fall. Fortunately for us Peter cleaned most of that up, but we helped clean up the clean up, so to speak. And, of course, we ran some trains!