J. Alex Lang

BizNS Magazine – Dec 2011

Daniel S. Dively, Boilermaker, NS GP40-2 Slug Mother program (NS 3159)

Over the last several years, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work on a few photography assignments with Norfolk Southern‘s Corporate Communications department.  Through the assistance and encouragement of many great folks there, each photo shoot has produced better and better results.  Another noteworthy aspect of this work is that longtime friend Lou Capwell has been partnering with me on the more substantial assignments.  Lou and I have complementary shooting styles, and both work well with studio lighting.  When we work together, Lou is often the “light master” and places flashes wherever needed.

To highlight some recent examples, I’m going to quote right from Lou’s blog:

Some of that work was recently showcased in this month’s issue of BizNS, Norfolk Southern’s company magazine. In October, Alex Lang and I shot extensively inside NS’s Juniata Shops in scenic Altoona, PA. His shooting, and my lighting, made many of our portrait subjects come alive, and the photos picked to go along with the article are  testament not just to the hard work being put in at Juniata day in and day out, but to the fact that railroads are a living, breathing thing, and a vital part of what keeps America moving into the 21st century.

To see the full issue, check out this PDF link: